Grow Your Small Business With Cold Email Marketing

Even though people think cold email is dead, it still is one of the most popular ways of generating leads for websites. Cold email marketing done the right way generates the required interest from their target audience. After all, if you are presented with a great deal in an email, won't you be curious enough to click on the link and visit the site? A lot of businesses use various online services to send out cold emails to their prospects. Cold marketing does not get you sales. Cold email generates interest which brings traffic to your site and then, if your product or value proposition is good then you get a sale. So cold emailing is not a magic mantra to becoming rich.img

Follow the Steps Of Cold Email Marketing

As a small business owner, you have to have a very strategic approach to cold emailing. Here are the steps you should follow.Decide Your Target Audience You cannot sell hairbrushes to bald people. You cannot sell milk products to lactose-intolerant people. You cannot sell ... well, you get the idea. Defining a target audience for your product is a very important first step. Once you have decided on the target audience, you now need to get their data. For this, you need email marketing lists. Sometimes you have to buy email list, sometimes you generate lists from lead generation sites. Different businesses acquire lists in different manners but the target is to always get a high-quality email list for their targeted audience.Using the Right Tools Once you have the email list, you need to clean it. This helps you lower your list bounce rate, thereby making sure more and more emails are delivered into the inbox. After you have cleaned your lists, you also need the right tool to deliver your emails to the user inboxes. If you use Amazon SES for your cold emailing, you will get banned within the first hour. If you use MailChimp, the result will be more or less the same. So, you have to select the right tool for cold email delivery.Content Is King The right email is needed to make any cold email marketing campaign a success. Your email has to be short, to the point, and engaging enough to pique a potential customer's interest. Are you selling kid's clothes? No one cares since everyone is doing that these days. Are you selling kids' clothes with a 20% discount as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee? Now that sounds like a good deal, doesn't it? Your email should offer something which other cold emails don't offer. This is what will make the potential customer click on the link in your email and visit your website.Don't Fake-It-Till-You-Make-ItYour email should be genuine. Lots of small businesses make the mistake of faking their subject lines and body text to make it sound like the potential customer already knows them. Subject lines like "Re: Our Last Chat" might make the potential customer click on the email but the moment they see the content of the email they will realize they never had a 'last chat'. The result is this person is most likely to report this email as spam which can cause your campaign and server to get blacklisted. Fake it till you make it sometimes works in real-life but in cold email marketing services USA, it is a big no-no. Explain your value proposition in clear terms and that is the best chance you have of generating leads.Have a Landing Page Your potential customer likes the content of your email. Now what? Your email should have a link that leads the potential customer back to your site which gives you the best chance of converting this lead to a sale. So you have to ensure you have a great landing page that drives home your value proposition! Landing pages can be separate pages or sites from your main site. These generally have certain offers like 50% off which are not found on the main site. The main objective of landing pages is to create a level of trust with the customer so they are willing to buy your product without hesitation.

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Follow Up If you use the right tools for sending your email campaign then you will know how many people opened the email, from which locations they opened the email and how many times those users have visited your landing page. Sometimes these potential customers visit your site but do not take any action. Maybe they were too busy that day. Maybe they got called into a meeting. You always have to follow up with your leads to make sure they remember you. Do not spam them, do not send follow up emails every two days as that can be annoying. Instead, wait for a week to follow up and respect their privacy. If there is no reply then wait for another week and email them again. Sometimes it can take up to 4-6 follow-ups for the customer to reply. Don't give up easily!With these steps, we can assure you your email marketing campaign will be successful. Again, email marketing is not a magic solution to all your marketing problems but it is still one of the best lead generation tools out there if used properly.
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