How To Design A Landing Page That Converts

Are you trying to increase conversions on your website? If so, one of the best ways to do that is by designing a landing page that will capture visitors’ attention and guide them toward taking action. A well-designed landing page can be a potent tool for driving conversions, but it takes more than just good design to make it successful.

In this article, we'll show you how to create a high-converting landing page that will help you turn leads into customers and grow your business.

Why A Good Landing Page Design Is Important

A great landing page design is important because it sets the tone for your entire sales process. It should be designed to capture visitors’ attention, convince them that you have a product or service that can solve their problem, and guide them toward taking action.

Landing pages are incredibly powerful tools for businesses looking to increase conversions, with research showing that they have a 160% higher conversion rate than any other sign-up tool. This makes them an attractive option for businesses seeking to maximize their return on investment.

How To Design A Landing Page

Designing a landing page that is effective in converting visitors into customers requires careful planning and attention to detail. The layout, content, visuals, and messaging should all be aligned with the goal of guiding users toward taking action. It's important to create a design that is visually appealing and easy to navigate so that users can quickly find what they're looking for.

Essential Elements Of A Landing Page

1. What is the landing page's primary goal?

Every landing page should have a clear and concise goal. This should be identified early in the design process, as it will determine how the rest of the page is structured.

2. Why should the user visit?

The landing page should clearly explain why the user should take action. This could include offering a discount, showcasing an exclusive offer, or providing a free trial.

3. Call To Action (CTA)

The CTA should be prominently displayed and clearly identify what the user needs to do in order to take advantage of the offer.

4. Compelling Visuals

High-quality visuals can help draw the users’ attention and make them feel more confident in your offer.

5. Proof Points

Providing evidence that you are a credible source can help convince visitors to take action. This could include customer testimonials, case studies, or awards.

Design Principles

The article should discuss how it is important to have a clear and concise goal for the page, explain why the user should visit, highlight the call to action (CTA) element, include compelling visuals, and provide proof points. It should also discuss other design principles such as having a simple layout, using relevant visuals and copywriting, creating urgency, and optimizing for mobile devices.

Make Information Easy To Scan

Keep copy brief and use headlines, subheads, lists, and bullet points to make the content easy for visitors to scan quickly.

Think About Flow

The landing page should have a logical flow, guiding the user from one section to the next.

Maintain Branding

The design should be consistent with the overall branding of your company. Use colors, fonts, and visual elements that are recognizable to visitors.

Use A/b Testing

A/B testing is an effective way to test different elements of the page and determine which design works best for achieving the desired goals.

Optimize For Mobile

It's important to design your landing page with mobile users in mind. Ensure that the design looks great on all devices and that content is optimized for mobile.

Avoid Landing-page Don'ts

The article should include a discussion of common landing-page don'ts such as using too much text, having unnatural transitions, and making navigation difficult.


Creating an effective landing page is essential to gaining conversions. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can ensure that your landing page is well-designed and optimized for success.

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